Board and Team


Clementina Giraldo
Senior Advisor at ARCAP
Chief Executive of Financial and Productive Development at CAF (Corporaión Andina de Comercio)

Clementina works as Chief Executive of Financial and Productive Development at CAF at their Argentine office. She also worked as a public policies and competitiveness executive at CAF Ecuador, as well as for the Venezuelan branch.

She has coordinated regional programs for fostering entrepreneurship and strengthening the Development Banks of Latin America. She has promoted the design and implementation of public entrepreneurship and financial development policies in the region. She also worked as Entrepreneurship Director and Director of Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises for the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism of Colombia, leading the design and implementation of the entrepreneurship policy in Colombia, focused on the simplification of paperwork and cost reduction; the development of the venture capital industry; the development of entrepreneurial talent and ability, and the promotion of companies focused on science, technology, and innovation. She has a background in managing public and private funds for company innovation and development. She has lead reforms, such as the transition of the Fomipyme from the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Turism to the INNpulsa Mipyme Fund in Bancoldex. She was a member of the team that led the creation of INNpulsa Colombia. Clementina also promotes the development of FinTech & AgTech in Latin America.