About Us

The Argentine Association of Private Equity, Venture and Seed Capital (ARCAP) is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting the development of the Private Equity Industry in Argentina. It seeks to stimulate local investments in companies with high economic, social and environmental impact and that can generate high quality employment in the country.

ARCAP represents

Private Equity

Local Private Equity Management Companies and Consultants or those with strategic presence in Argentina.

Venture Capital

Local Venture Capital Management Companies and Consultants or those with a strategic presence in Argentina.

Seed Capital

Local Seed Capital Management Companies and Consultants, Accelerators, Incubators, Company Builders, Angel Investors, and Angel Investor Clubs.

Contributing to the growth of Argentina’s economic activity through the development of the Private Equity Industry and the country’s insertion in international markets.

Promoting investment across different sectors in Argentina to help develop and grow the country’s economy by creating and producing world class goods and services.


Creating and distributing information tools about the news and activities of the industry in Argentina, and promoting the generation of statistics and research on the contribution of these investments to the economy.

Encouraging the implementation of best practices with ethical and professional standards that facilitate the participation of foreign institutional investors in Argentina.

Representing the industry and its players at local and international level in business communities, government authorities, the academic world, and the media.

Founding Members

We invite you to join ARCAP.

ARCAP members get access to exclusive benefits and are part of a network that promotes their reach and impact by unifying a single vision for developing the industry.